my heart is fine.i knew it! you doc.gpakulba ug gpa gasto ko nimo.

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"Whether it’s happiness or low point, you’re suppose to be there."

when you get tired of your work then you resign and apply for another job, the same story will happen. so why not go to work, be better every day and be qualified for a higher position…who would think that a sleepy kid in class will turn out to be an operations manager. 


you  never fail to inspire me. :) keep on writing @iamsuperbianca.

i never thought before that i will be in this path that i am taking now but i kind of like what i’m doing now. i’m a nurse and since when i was in college i always thought that ill be working in a big hospital, gain experience, work abroad and travel but like you said even how much we plan our life it will not turn out the way we want it to be. i don’t even know if i can go back to practicing my profession, maybe i can find something to be connected still in the medical field,let’s see, but i am taking this turn as adding excitement to my life and just make the best out of it.i kind of even like it because being in a BPO company i am learning a lot about life, about people, lots of new things aside from drugs and diseases and specially i can now support my own needs. :))

When God closes a door He can open the world for you.


..whether ‘good’ or ‘bad,’ there is something to learn from everyone. I believe that we are the sum total of every single person we meet. If we meet someone awesome that we get along with, they become our friend and confidante. If we meet someone so annoyingly self-absorbed, we realize even more how much we do not want to be that way. If someone wrongs us, we learn from it


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when you press me to your heart
i’m in a world apart
a world where roses bloom

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"Take this journey up a notch."
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pampalipas oras before? favourite- doing nothing and blank stares but now i always keep myself busy because i’m afraid of the memories that might flash back.the memories of losing you.the scenes.the tears.all of it.still very clear.but i’m out of to do’s for the day and i wanna rest but i can’t sleep.too late.reminiscing.